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21 Jul 2016

STEP 1 : Go to home page

STEP 2 : Click on ‘Forgot my password’ just below sign in button.

STEP 3 : You get a Hotmail page asking “why can’t you sign in?” click in “I forgot my password“.

STEP 4 : You will reach into page displaying “Recover your account” Enter your Hotmail account in upper box and given captcha code in lower box. If captcha is too hard to recognize you can try audio as well.

STEP 5 : After you input your Hotmail email and correct captcha you reach into a page where you will be given different options to recover your Hotmail account.

STEP 6 : These recovery options are depended on which recovery methods you have selected in your Hotmail email id. If you have  selected email id to recover your...